Set of four coasters in red acrylic and reclaimed woodThe ultimate promo item. This set of four coasters comes with more brandable area than any other product near in size. You can etch a logo or wording into both colours of acrylic for a subtle message or cut the inlay to any shape you desire. It is even possible to engrave the reclaimed wooden inlay if more area is required.

The coloured layer of acrylic has room for cut outs on each side which can be adjusted at your request to any shape. Under regular house lighting a coloured shadow will surround the lighter shadow on the table giving it a classy and regal look.

Item pricing

COR001-1 Coasters – Reclaimed & Acrylic (Set of 4) $23.00 – $34.50 per unit based on volume

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Item variation: speak with us about which elements you’d like to customize