The ultimate promo item. This set of four coasters comes with more brandable area than any other product near in size. You can etch a logo or wording into both colours of acrylic for a subtle message or cut the inlay to any shape you desire. It is even possible to engrave the reclaimed wooden inlay if more area is required.

The coloured layer of acrylic has room for cut outs on each side which can be adjusted at your request to any shape. Under regular house lighting a coloured shadow will surround the lighter shadow on the table giving it a classy and regal look.

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COR001-1 Coasters – Reclaimed & Acrylic (Set of 4)


Item variation: speak with us about which elements you’d like to customize

Posted by:Canadiana Innovations

At Canadiana Innovations, we create unique and locally made promotional products and corporate gifts. We also create custom awards. All of our products have Canadian flair and are made with Canadian materials. Based in Almonte, Ontario, just 30 minutes from the National Capital, the Canadiana line exhibits true Canadian values. We do this by incorporating many recycled products including skateboards, snowboards and lumber from old homes that have been taken down in the Ottawa area. We provide complete custom options, including product design and manufacturing. We can meet tight deadlines thanks to our modern manufacturing process. We can also fill orders of all sizes: from 1 piece to over 10,000 pieces. If you can dream it, we can build it.