CNC laser technology is capable of etching and cutting shapes with resolutions over 1000dpi (dots per inch). To get your products looking their best, we need to start with a high quality version of your logo.

For any cutting of the logo we will need a vector format. A vector file is also the answer for the best results with engraving. Vector illustrations are also extremely helpful if any small logo adjustments are required (such as character spacing) to accommodate the materials we are engraving. Vector files are simply much easier to edit.

Common File Formats

The following are the most common methods of transferring vector files: .ai .eps .cdr .svg

We can also cut and engrave many other types of files, including vector enabled PDF documents and .plt files.

If there are fonts in the file it is best to make them a vector so that the branding of your logo remains consistent across all platforms. To do this, use the “convert to curves” function (CorelDraw) or create outlines (Illustrator).

While we can use a bitmap file (.jpg, .jpeg, .bmp) for the engraving, these formats may provide unreliable quality. This is because of the resolution they are saved with. If you have a vector file available, please send it!

Please email your logo file(s) to us at:

If you have questions, please just get in touch!